1995- Degree in Physics. Thesis in didactic of physics and problems related to misconceptions of students. (Università la Sapienza, Rome, Italy)

1999- PhD in Nanotechnology. (University of Cambridge, UK)

2006 – Mentor Licence for the courses “The Power of Purpose” and “The Power of Self Esteem” (More to Life – London, UK)

2009 – Coaching Licence – (More to Life – London, UK)

2013 – Teacher’s qualification (ULB -Libre Université de Bruxelles, Belgium)

The best way to know about my method and my self is to book a first free meeting, then you will know if and how I can support you.

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I empower people to fully live their passion and their freedom.


Gandhi says: “My life is my message”.

What is your message? What is your life telling you about yourself? What can you offer to others? What is your unique style and talent?

If you have a clear answer to all those questions, you surely do not need what I can offer you. But if you don’t, please keep reading, and book with me a free first meeting by clicking here.

I am a scientist, a teacher, a coach, a ceramist and a writer.

I believe that the truth will set you free, but only when it comes together with love, especially self-love and compassion.    

So, together we will look for your own sparkle, that can come out in a form of writing, or creating with pottery, or any other forms you find your self comfortable with. I also offer ghost writing, if and when needed.

We will look for the truth with a scientific and spiritual approach, and you will express it in any form that is most appropriate for you.

The starting points are the following:

  1.  All your emotions are true and you are the only person that can have an opinion about them.
  2. Objective information can be either true or false. And it is possible we are not able at a certain point to know if they are true or false.
  3. We have the power to look both at emotions and objective facts, and to give each of them the right place to support the decision making for next step.
  4. Support is not essential but it really helps. So I will be in contact with you and encouraging you all along, not only during the sessions but also via small messages.
  5. Every life is worth and autobiography and every voice is worth to be listen to
  6. You are the person that best knows your-self. My role is to support you to find your way, even when I don’t understand it. It is your life, it is your way. I trust you will do what is best for you and I trust life to guide you in this path.  

Because a coach is somebody you need to be in tune with, I always offer the first encounter for free. If you like the method I offer, then we are ready to start a good work!

email me, for a first contact, I will reply to you!

When I first discovered this guided course, I could have not imagined what an enormous impact it would have on my life. I have been blessed by the kind, compassionate guidance of Claudia, making sure the self sabotage mechanism are tackled and making sure you learn the right tools to help you on your way to create life you want.
The structure of this course and presence of supportive environment has made me flourish and discover my true passions, instead of proceeding with what is most convenient, you are challenged to reconsider limiting thoughts, beliefs, fears and new insights happen when you open yourself to all possibilities. I have spend many years trying to find the answers outside of myself, while all along the answers were already there, learning this thanks to the help of observant teacher, shedding light to neglected talents and dreams.
I am grateful with the tools learned, the endless heart felt support and new insights I can use in my daily life.
This is the best gift I have given to myself and the best money I have spent. Thank you and bless you!


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