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Ceramics is my passion.

Writing is my freedom.

Coaching is the way I guide you to fully live your passion and your freedom.

Writing is


Writing is my freedom.

Freedom to express myself.

Freedom to listen to my inner voice.

Freedom to share with you what Life has taught me.

Freedom to empower you to follow your own purpose in Life in harmony with your dreams and aspirations.

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Coaching is


Are you fully living your passion? Are you in tune with your purpose in Life? Are you fulfilled and relaxed in your everyday living?

If one of the answers to these questions is “no, unfortunately!” then click here to book your free intro coaching session.

Clay Coaching e Focusing

Writing coaching

Artist coaching

Ceramics is


Ceramics is my passion since I was 14 years old and has followed me throughout my life.

Clay allows us to create. In our hands a shapeless blob becomes something interesting for us and we surrender it to the fire’s proof that makes it to become ceramics, to become precious.

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About Me

I am Claudia Arena, I am a writer since I was 6, age in which I finished first grade. FYI at about the same time I also learnt to read. Pottery is my passion since I was 14, and I love to trasnform the shapeless in something meaningful.

Later I also became a researcher, a school teacher (math and physics) and a licenced coach. I love to mix and match all my expertese. It is fun and it is powerful!

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