I wrote it. It took me three and half years.

Has it been easy? Nop. Has it been worth the effort? oh yes! Does it mean I am a narcisist? This is a question that somebody at some point will ask you or will wonder about your character, maybe even you will ask this question about yourself.

But what is important is not to answer to such a question, but rather: why do you want to write your story? Do you feel you are losing track of how your life is unfolding? Do you want to leave your memories to your family or your grandchildren? Did you leave a special experience and you want others in your situation to find support in it? DO you have a story to tell? Are you worried about forgetting it all? Do you feel like nobody is hearing your side of your story, and you want to state it? You have nothing better to do?

Whatever the reason is, I am convinced that each life deserves an autobiography. By the nature of the style it-self it is impossible to claim it will be an objective narration of facts. If you write it, your emotions will be in it, your perception will be in it. But your emotions are always right, because it is what your feel, what you understand of the situation.

And what you understand of the situation at one point of your life, might or might not be supported by real data.

When you write your autobiography, which can be for a limited amount of time of your experience on earth, or everything from the beginning, till… well… till you write…. you will go back in your memory to look for two kind of information: how you experienced it all and what happen.

The page allows you to have the time to go back there, and feel, and look for data. You will be surprised at what you might find, what sweets memories you might have left behind or the resolution of past traumas that have been haunting for years. In the page you choose what to write and what not to write. You choose if this will be something you will be the only person to keep and read, or not. The gift it to have a final object to go back to, whenever you feel.

If you have a comment or a question, please do not hesitate to write to me. If you write to me in English, Italian or French, I will understand what you wrote. Otherwise I will need to use a translator 😉